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A non-profit initiative that helps individuals find contact information that is often hidden by companies or scammers.

Welcome to Elusive Contacts

Google is great for companies and individuals who have posted contacts they want to force you to use but...

If you’ve ever spent time on the internet trying to find someone responsible to contact in a company or you’ve been looking for a scam artist, and don’t want anyone else to go through the same trials and tribulations in searching for the same contacts, then this is the website to simply post the contact for others to easily find.

Large companies, utility companies, Service Providers, etc with thousands of customers make it extremely difficult for you to reach a person in authority and push you from one useless AI bot to the other. If you finally trace an email address, switchboard number, etc that works, please share it here to help your fellow man.

Website Scam artists are notoriously difficult to physically trace so if you finally find their physical address, please help your fellow scamees by posting their contact and/or physical address here.


About Elusive Contacts

This is a highly secure, worldwide community, website that stores no information about those posting contact information.

It is a non-profit website created purely to assist searchers in finding details that are hidden by companies or scamsters trying to make it difficult to be contacted.

If you have any concerns, complaints or suggestions please email them legal@elusivecontacts.com